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These are the committees defined within Arizona Cattle Growers' Association. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommitees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
Sets the tone and direction of the Association in order to most effectively support the beef cattle industry. Develops policy as needed to address current industry issues that do not fall under another committee. Includes Border Working Group, (BWG) which addresses challenges from illegal immigration to Mexican cattle crossing both for sale or trespass. BWG communicates with state and/or federal government officials regarding border issues.
Beef Marketing
Addresses policy on labeling, direct sales, beef marketing, livestock & food safety issues. Addresses livestock care and animal rights issues as well as beef processing referrals. Staff maintains a current list of ranchers selling beef directly to the public.
Affiliates and associate members engaged in serving the needs of the cattle industry with customers at the national, state, and/or local levels who have paid the specified dues.
Manages all recommendations for bylaw changes and Association procedures by overseeing the proposals to the Board of Directors and ultimately the membership for approval. Serves as the reference for questions regarding bylaws throughout the year.
Provides educational articles for the Cattlelog, coordinates with the Foundation to provide Cattlemen’s College at the annual convention, and conducts training for the Board of Directors and committee chairs. Serves as a supportive resource for the AJLA and the Ranchers for Tomorrow committees.
This committee includes the Bureau of Land Management Resource Advisory Council, Forest Service, and Public Lands Council subcommittees. Works closely with all federal agencies regarding issues that affect ranching. Responsible for responding to permittees whose allotments are being challenged or questioned, attempting to resolve issues with those federal agencies for the benefit of our ranchers.
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Includes organization of the rollover auctions, rancher advocacy fund raffle, and the auction at Convention. Works closely with and supports the PAC and Convention Committees. Participation in all fundraising activities is expected of all members of the Board of Directors.
This committee shall review and create value added programming and educational programming for membership to retain members and engage new members. Also promotes the Association to increase membership.
Political Action (PAC)
This committee is designed to raise funds to contribute to candidates deemed worthy of representing the cattle industry. Fundraising for the PAC is a function of this committee.
As per bylaws, this is an independent, professional program for younger ranchers and those interested in the ranching industry. Does not involve 4H, FFA or other youth programs.
Receives committee-, county-, and member-level policy recommendations, reviews for clarity and potential conflict with existing or other proposed policy, and forwards to members for a vote or returns to original sponsor for changes. Committee is tasked with ensuring policy process flows smoothly, informing committee chairs of their role, and that policy book is prepared and available for membership at least 30 days prior to convention. Committee also keeps track of which existing policies are up for reaffirmation or sunset.
Addresses issues regarding state and private lands, working closely with the State Land Department and other state agencies to develop a good working relationship with them for the benefit of all state permittees.
Works on all water-related issues around the state as they arise. Ensures the interests of ranchers are represented at the legislature and at all relevant meetings. Coordinates with legislative and policy committees to draft language reflective of the Association’s stance on water policy.
This committee will work closely with AZ Game and Fish and US Fish and Wildlife Service regarding regulatory changes including the Endangered Species Act, introduction of new species, and other issues to ensure ranchers’ rights are protected. Includes the wolf subcommittee, which specifically focuses on depredation payments from the Livestock Loss Board, monitoring of wolf numbers, and reducing the impact of the Mexican grey wolf on Arizona ranchers.